【A8体育官网入口】Airbnb has formed a partnership with China Broadband Capital and Sequoia China to help the apartment-sharing app expand into the Chinese market.Airbnb已与中国宽带产业基金(China Broadband Capital)及红杉中国(Sequoia China)创建合作关系,以协助这一公寓共享应用于向中国市场扩展。The San Francisco-based ‘sharing economy’ app will be advised by local venture capitalists on how to adapt to sell to Chinese travellers. One of its first tasks will be to recruit a chief executive for Airbnb China.中国当地的风险投资家将向这家总部坐落于旧金山的“共享经济”应用于公司获取咨询,告诉他它如何调整自身、以适应环境中国旅游市场。该公司的首要任务之一,将是为Airbnb中国(Airbnb China)召募一名首席执行官。


The partnership comes amid a $1.5bn fundraising round from investors including Beijing-based Hillhouse Capital and investment firm Tiger Global, and led by US private equity firm General Atlantic. The round, which boosts the company’s valuation to at least $24bn, will be used to try to tap into booming demand in Asia.与此同时,Airbnb相反投资者进行一轮规模为15亿美元的募资。这些投资者以美国私人股本公司绿大西洋投资集团(General Atlantic)派,还包括总部坐落于北京的低瓴资本(Hillhouse Capital)以及投资机构老虎环球基金(Tiger Global)。这轮募资将把Airbnb的估值推升到最少240亿美元,所筹资金将用作希望从亚洲急遽快速增长的市场需求中利润。

Airbnb has seen strong growth in South Korea and Singapore and is looking to invest more across the region, according to someone familiar with the plans. Airbnb would not confirm that the new partners were also investing in the company.理解涉及计划的人士称之为,Airbnb在韩国和新加坡都构建强大快速增长,目前于是以谋求在亚洲各地进行更加多投资。至于新的合作伙伴否也在投资Airbnb,该公司不愿不予证实。Brian Chesky, co-founder and chief executive of Airbnb, said the number of Chinese guests staying in Airbnb properties around the world increased by 700 per cent last year, growing faster than the number of guests from any other single nationality.Airbnb牵头创始人、首席执行官布赖恩切斯恩(Brian Chesky)回应,去年,在世界各地Airbnb房屋居住于过的中国房客的人数减少了7倍,比其他任何一个国家房客人数的快速增长都慢。“When we see this growth and hear the stories from our community, it is clear that Airbnb is uniquely positioned to connect Chinese guests to amazing travel experiences,” he said in a blogpost.他在一篇博文中回应:“当我们看见这样的快速增长、听见我们圈子内的种种故事时,我们明白了一点:在让中国客人享用到绝佳旅游体验方面,Airbnb享有独有的优势。

“And as we move into our next phase of expansion in China, we know we will need deep local knowledge and expertise to keep this momentum going.”“在我们的在华扩展转入新阶段之际,我们告诉,我们必须寻找对当地情况和业务有了解理解的人,以保证这一扩展势头需要持续下去。|A8体育官网入口。