A8体育集团-Could you hear me? Stephen Hawking asked in his iconic computer-synthesized voice, getting a cheerful yes from hundreds of people in a speech hall at the Hong Kong Science Park.“你们能听见我说出吗?”当史蒂芬·霍金标志性的电脑制备嗓音传到,香港科技园演说大厅的上百号人激动高喊:“可以”。I can hear you, too, in seconds he replied, this time triggering from the audience even more exclamations: Wow, cool!“我也可以听见你们!”几秒种后,霍金对此道,并惹来了现场观众又一阵惊叹:“哇塞!这真是太酷了!”This dialogue appeared to be a face-to-face chat, but according to the organizer, Hawking was actually sitting in front of a green screen in his office in Cambridge, only having his image beamed to a transparent screen in the hall in Hong Kong and presented to the audience as a digital human hologram.这段对话看起来是一场面对面式的闲谈,但是的组织方回应,霍金事实上是躺在剑桥办公室的一块绿幕面前,他只是将自己的影像感应到香港科技展厅的半透明屏幕之上,以数字全息图像的呈现出方式与大家见面。In the over-one-hour speech, Hawking talked about his life experience and research progress, shared his views on topics from the beginning of time to Brexit, and encouraged the audience to tackle difficulties in life just as how he did.在接下来一个多小时的谈话中,霍金谈及了自己的生活经历以及研究进程,也对从时间起源到英国干欧等各类话题共享了自己的看法,同时希望观众像他一样敢于解决生活中的各种艰难。


The speech included a touching account of the world-famous physicists early life, as well as flashes of his sense of humor.这段演说谈到了这位世界著名物理学家令人动容的早年经历,同时还有展现出了霍金幽默感的片段。Talking about how he almost lost confidence in life after his was diagnosed with a motor-neuron disease but regained momentum for continuing his research after meeting his future wife, Hawking said: If I want to get married, I need to finish my Ph.D. and get a job.当谈及自己获知因患上肌肉萎缩性侧索硬化症而丧失对生活的信心、却又在邂逅妻子后重燃期望之后专门从事自学研究时,霍金嘲讽道:“我要想要成婚,就得再行读完博士,去找个工作。”When referring to his bestselling book A Brief History of Time, he joked: I am sure you have all read it from cover to cover, so I shall be asking questions later.当提及自己的最畅销之作《时间简史》时,霍金打趣般说:“我坚信你们都早已从头到尾读过这本书了,我实在一会儿我应当托几个问题。

”This virtually-delivered speech was realized thanks to the augmented reality holographic technology, or HumaGram, as called by the developer ARHT Media on its website.这场“动态对话”的圆满完成都要得益于现实强化全息人像技术,开发商增强现实全息影像技术(ARHT)公司在其官方网站上也将其称作“HumaGram”,即交互性人体全息影像技术。ARHT Media President and CEO Paul Duffy said he hoped to use this technology to bring more outstanding figures to Hong Kong and provide inspirations for citizens here.ARHT公司的总裁兼首席执行官保罗·达菲回应,他期望可以通过用于这项技术令其香港认识更好的杰出人物,为当地人民获取启发与救赎。