A8体育官网入口|Another quarter, another set of disappointing results for Samsung. This time, net profit fell 27% from the previous year as intense competition continued to eat away at the companys smartphone business.新的季度,三星再度令人沮丧。由于白热化的竞争之后毁灭着三星的智能手机市场,公司净利润比去年暴跌了27%。

The fourth quarter results are troubling, but not unexpected. Samsungs profits have now declined for three consecutive quarters, a trend that has prompted some real soul searching at the South Korean electronics giant.公司在四季度陷入困境,但并非没什么转机。三星的利润倒数下降三个季度,促成这个电子巨人修复新的企业灵魂。There were some bright spots: The companys smartphone business showed signs of stabilization, and chip sales were strong.几个闪光点:公司智能手机市场呈现出回稳迹象,芯片销售较好。

Yet there is no doubt: Samsung needs to reinvent itself.然而,毫无疑问的是:三星必须重塑它自己。For years, the company relied on its smartphone division to deliver major profits. Samsung had a iron grip on major markets including China, and huge margins helped turn the firm into one of the worlds largest and most recognizable tech brands.多年来,公司仍然依赖智能手机部来获取主要利润。

三星对还包括中国在内的市场上实施铁腕政策,极大的利润协助它沦为世界上仅次于的科技品牌之一。But intense competition at both the high and low ends of the smartphone market have reversed Samsungs fortunes. The company is now ranked third in China, behind Apple (AAPL, Tech30) and Xiaomi (a company that is only five years old). Analysts hold little hope for a return to dominance.但是,高端与低端手机市场同时展开的白热化竞争超越了三星的好运。这家公司现在在中国只名列第三,在苹果和小米(一家只有5年历史的公司)之后。

分析师对新的掌控市场充满著乐观。In response, Samsung is working to pare down its crowded smartphone lineup. Its also making a major move into India to capture more of the low-cost phone market.作为应付,三星正在缩减它散漫的智能手机部门,并乘机进占印度争夺战更好的低端手机市场。But for a real turnaround, Samsung needs to identify its next silver bullet.但是,为了顺利转型,三星必需收手更加多高招。With slowing growth and a huge revenue base, Samsung is in need of a new growth engine, Bernstein Research analyst Mark Newman wrote late last year.伯恩斯坦研究员马克·纽曼去年年末写到:“较慢的增长速度,极大的收益基数,三星必须一个新的快速增长引擎。

”Chances are, this new growth engine wont be a phone. It will be come from another sector of Samsungs sprawling business empire. Newman identified medical equipment — where Samsung is already investing heavily — as a promising area.机会是:新的快速增长引擎无法再行是手机。它将来自三星大大蔓延到的商业帝国的另一个部门。纽曼指出医疗器材(三星正在大力投资)是一个有期望的领域。The good news for Samsung fans is that the company has transformation in its genes. Newman points to the New Management Initiative proposed by company leadership in 1993.对三星粉来说,好消息是公司正在从本质上改变。

纽曼所指的是,公司领导层1993年明确提出的“新的管理办法”。Responding to the threats of globalization and digitization, the new strategy allowed Samsung to become the company it is today. Newman argues the company needs to find another 1993 moment.为应付全球化和信息化的威胁,新的战略容许三星沦为“今天的公司”。纽曼认为公司必须考古“另一个1993年”But that, he notes, is no easy task — especially with the health of Chairman Lee Kun-hee in question.但是,他又写道,这不是一个精彩的工作——特别是在在李健熙董事长身体健康状况不佳时。-A8体育官网入口。