A8体育官网地址:On Wednesday, Samsung revealed the Galaxy A8, which measures just 5.9 millimeters (0.23 inches) thick — making it the phone manufacturers thinnest phone yet.三星周三公布了仅有薄5.9毫米(0.23英寸)的Galaxy A8, 它也沦为了三星手机制造商目前最厚的一款手机。Its slimmer than its predecessor, the wispy Galaxy A7 (6.3 mm), as well as the S6 Edge (7.1 mm). Its display measures 5.7 inches, larger than the A7 (5.5 inches) and the S6 Edge (5.1 inches). The A8 also comes with a 3,050 mAh battery, larger than that of the A7 and S6, both of which had 2,600 mAh batteries. Weighing 151 grams, the A8 is actually a little heavier than the A7 (141 grams).Galaxy A8比三星前款粗壮Galaxy A7(薄6.3毫米)以及S6 Edge(薄7.1毫米)都厚。Galaxy A8的显示屏长5.7英寸,比5.5英寸的A7和5.1英寸的S6 Edge还大。


A8还配备了一个3050毫安时的电池,容量要比备有2600毫安时电池的A7和S6多。Galaxy A8仅有轻151克,实质上比A7(141克)轻。Samsung this week launched the Galaxy A8 in China, where it will sell for about $515. Theres no exact release date for the A8 just yet, and no firm word on whether its coming to the U.S.三星这周在中国公布了Galaxy A8,它的售价将大约为515美元。

目前Galaxy A8在美国明确的公布日期还未可知,关于它何时能在美国上市也没什么定论。The Verge noted that the Galaxy A8 is not the thinnest phone on the market today — phones like the Vivo X5 Max in China and the Oppo R5 are 4.75 and 4.85 mm thick respectively.The Verge(美国的一家科技媒体公司)回应Galaxy A8并不是如今市面上最厚的手机,看起来中国的Vivo X5 Max和Oppo R5分别薄4.75和4.85毫米。Still, the A8 is slimmer when compared to the iPhone 6 (6.9 mm) — and rumor has it that Apple isnt desperate to make thinner phones any time soon.但和厚6.9mm的iPhone6比起,Galaxy A8还是更加粗壮。

而且有谣言流传,苹果旋即将发售更加厚的手机。Super-slim handsets usually come with a trade-off. As The Wall Street Journal reported in February, the larger the phone, the better the battery. With more space, manufacturers can cram more battery inside. The A8s big battery might actually save it here, though.至厚手机一般来说必须权衡。



然而,Galaxy A8的大电池或许知道充足节省空间了。-A8体育官网地址。