【A8体育】Alibaba Group Holding Ltd and its financial affiliate are buying a controlling stake in Hong Kong-listed lottery operator AGTech Holdings Ltd, for HK$2.39 billion ($308 million).日前,阿里巴巴集团有限公司有限公司及其金融分支蚂蚁金融耗资23.9亿港币(折算3.08亿美元)出售香港亚博科技有限公司控股权。The deal will give the Alibaba unit 59.45 percent of AGTech, according to the lottery operators filing to the Hong Kong stock exchange on Sunday.根据上周日香港股票交易所的消息,本次交易将把亚博科技的59.45%股份并转转交阿里巴巴。AGTech is engaged in gaming technologies including game software and hardware, and lottery distribution.亚博科技的主要业务是游戏科技,还包括游戏软件和游戏硬件的研发,以及股票的发给销售。Its filing said it will be the exclusive business platform of Alibaba and Ant Financial to apply for, and hold business qualifications and licenses for, the operations of lottery businesses. Alibaba and its affiliate will also provide technical services and resources such as cloud computing services and e-commerce.亚博科技递交的文件称之为,它将沦为阿里巴巴和蚂蚁金融的独家业务平台,并持有人经营彩票业务的营业执照。

阿里巴巴和蚂蚁金融将不会为亚博科技获取云计算服务和电子商务服务。The company, which has 200 employees, said it will benefit significantly from the investor, should Internet channels for lottery sales re-open.亚博科技目前享有200名员工,涉及人员回应,员工将不会获益于本次投资,并且通过互联网销售彩票的渠道将不会新的对外开放。Li Kai, an analyst with the BeA8体育ijing-based Internet consultancy Analysys International, said that the suspension of online lottery sales is likely to be lifted within the year as officials at the annual lottery strategy meeting in January said they will actively push the preparatory work for a pilot online lottery sales program forward.北京国际互联网咨询公司分析师李凯回应,由于涉及官员在今年一月份的彩票策略周年会员大会上回应,将不会大力前进彩票网上销售的前期试点打算工作,所以彩票网上销售禁令有可能在今年内中止。



Chinas lottery market is too big for two online lottery-selling companies to fill. More licenses are expected to be offered to more players, Li said. Alibabas advantage in e-commerce, big data, online payment can certainly give the online sales of lottery a strong boost.李凯说:“中国彩票市场相当大,两个彩票销售公司相比之下无法符合市场需求,而不应成立更加多彩票销售公司。阿里巴巴在电子商务、大数据和网上支付方面享有显著优势,所以认同需要大力增进网上彩票的销售。-A8体育。