A8体育|Ranga-Ram Chary, U.S. Planck Data Centers project manager in California, recently discovered a mysterious glow by mapping the Cosmic Microwave Background, otherwise known as the light that was left over from a few hundred thousand years after the Big Bang.最近,美国加州普朗克数据中心的项目经理Ranga-Ram Chary,在绘制宇宙微波背景电磁辐射图时找到了一束“谜样亮光”,被指出是宇宙大爆炸几十万年后遗留的光线。Ordinarily, Chary would have found nothing except noise. But the spots of light were 4,500 times brighter than they should have been.一般来说,Chary的找到除了噪音没别的,但这一束光的亮度比起之前的高达4500多倍。Chary concluded that the glow could represent matter from another universe leaking or colliding into ours. This would validate the hypothesis that our universe is merely a region within an eternally inflating super-region, said Chary in an Astrophysical Journal study published in September.Chary指出这束光代表着另一个宇宙的物质“泄漏”或是闯进到了我们所在的宇宙,他在9月份公开发表《天文物理期刊》中称之为这一找到证实了之前的假设,即我们所在的宇宙空间不存在于一个“大大收缩的超级大空间”之中。

Cosmologists have speculated about multiple universes for years, but have thus far been unable to prove their existence. Charys research is therefore significant because it could lend credence to the theory that cosmic inflation — which is the notion that the universe began inflating right after the Big Bang — led to multiple universes.多年来宇宙学家仍然在推断多重宇宙的不存在,但至今都无法证实。因此Chary的研究意义根本性,因为其证实了宇宙收缩说道,即宇宙在大爆炸之后开始大大收缩,最后造成多重宇宙的产生。However, this type of claim would require a very high burden of proof, Chary wrote. Theres a 30 percent chance that the glow is nothing out of the ordinary.然而Chary还写到,这种论点“必须十分佐证的证据”,该光束是普通光线的几率依然有30%。

Other scientists share this skepticism. Alexander Vilenkin, director of Tufts Universitys Institute of Cosmology, doesnt see how this signal can be explained by a collision with another bubble universe. Any collisions must have been more like little nudges, Vilenkin added. But a collision that would greatly enhance the density of protons seems to require a much more violent encounter.另外一些科学家回应所持猜测态度,塔夫斯大学宇宙学研究所主任Alexander Vilenkin指出,这束光线“无A8体育法解释为宇宙撞击的线索”。他说道:“任何撞击都更加看起来微小的震动,但要使撞击需要很大的减少质子密度,则必须更加反感的破坏力。


”The supposed observations of a giant void and an apparently cold spot in the cosmic background radiation have so many types of potential explanations, said Jay Pasachoff, chair of the astronomy department at Williams College. He maintains that its too premature to cite an alternate universe as the explanation.威廉姆斯学院天文系主任Jay Pasachoff称之为:“在宇宙背景电磁辐射中仔细观察到的巨洞和类似于的冰点都不存在多种形式的说明。”他特别强调提到平行宇宙来说明这一找到还为时过早。But it could also be something new and unexpected, Vilenkin added.Vilenkin最后说:“然而,这束光线也有可能是新的不得而知事物。