【A8体育官网入口】Amazon’s Anytime messaging app could be the West’s answer to WeChat亚马逊试水社交app,意做到西方“微信”Amazon is aiming to move in on the turf of Apple and others with a new all-in-one messaging app called Anytime.时隔苹果及其他公司陆续发售一体化的聊天工具之后,亚马逊也紧随其后,发售了自家聊天应用于“Anytime”。Despite messaging apps being an incredibly tested space for newcomers, Amazon believes it has enough clout to rival even the likes of Apple Messages and WhatsApp.尽管这款应用于尚能正处于用户测试阶段,亚马逊公司仍旧坚信他们的产品不足以媲美同类型的Apple Messages 及WhatsApp。In its description, Anytime would do much of what we expect – such as messaging, calls and video calls – along with photo sharing, @ mentions and a few games thrown in as well.根据官方叙述,Anytime在功能上与目前市面上的绝大多数聊天软件完全相同,如即时消息,语音及视频通话,还可以共享照片,@某人以及在线游戏。



It also has a number of other features, including being able to order food, listen to music and split a bill.Anytime还具备其它功能,比如订餐,听音乐以及订餐。What seems to be its biggest selling point is that it would remove the major obstacle oA8体育f needing to get other people to sign up for the app, as all that would be needed is a person’s name.这款应用于仅次于的卖点在于它只需用户获取好友姓名就能与之展开相连。Amazon has not revealed how exactly it plans to do that, but it has stated that all messages would be encrypted to prevent a person’s bank details being accessed by a hacker.公司未透漏其具体操作,但他们声称用户所有的信息都将被加密防止个人银行账户受到黑客攻击。All of these features in a single app appears to suggest that Amazon want to replicate the success of WeChat in China, where more than 850m active monthly users complete most of their online activities through the app.Anytime的上述功能指出亚马逊想通过效仿中国的微信来获得成功,后者享有8.5亿的活跃用户,他们的大部分不道德都是通过微信构建的。

While a multitude of different apps cater to different needs – with the likes of Uber, WhatsApp and Deliveroo– WeChat has managed to reduce all of these services into a single app that simply doesn’t exist outside of China.尽管有大量的手机应用于可以满足用户多种不同的市场需求,例如Uber, WhatsApp 及Deliveroo等,而微信却顺利地将这些服务缴在一款应用于中,这在其他国家是绝无仅有的。The launch of Anytime wouldn’t be Amazon’s first messaging app – it released Chime earlier this year, attempting to rival Slack in the work-messaging stakes.Anytime并不是亚马逊公司发售的首款即时消息应用于,它在今年的早些时候早已发售了Chime,意图商务消息平台上叫板Slack。There has been no indication as to when Anytime will launch, but Amazon said it will work across both Android and iOS mobile platforms, as well as desktop.目前,Anytime的公布时间还仍未确认,但亚马逊公司称之为,这款应用于将可以在安卓,ios,以及台式电脑上实时用于。